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“Supervision allows you to learn by doing without
risking harm to your clients and yourself.”

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Group Therapy Session

Therapy is both an art and a science. While it’s possible to learn the basic scientific principles in school, the art of therapy can prove challenging. How will you deal with a client who can’t stop crying? What will you do if a client never speaks or only seems interested in talking about you? How can you measure progress in therapy? How can you prevent your own biases and emotions from intruding upon the therapeutic process? These are difficult questions with complex answers. Clinical Supervision prepares you to tackle these and many other issues.

Therapists have an ethical duty to protect their clients’ best interests and provide their service to the expected standards. Supervision allows you to learn by doing without risking harm to your clients and yourself. Your supervisor can also provide insight into your personal counselling style and guidance on how to sharpen your skills and adapt your style to the complex needs of diverse clients.

As an ACA supervisor, Harshani follows the Rise-Up model (Relationship-Based Integrated Supervision & Education to Unlock Potential). Harshani supports her supervisees to work on challengers to build up their private practice and clientele to empower the supervisee to develop their business. Every counsellor has their unique art of therapy and brings many different skills to their practice. Harshani uses a strength-based approach to attuned their needs and supports them to uphold professional practice.

Harshani conducts individual and group supervision sessions for counsellors.

  • Individual supervision fee for 60-minute session – $185
  • Group supervision (Two hours & five maximum participants) – $75