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Marriage counselling, Melbourne couples appreciate, offers a trusted way to offer professional support when their relationship is strained, painful or troubled.

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Our highly-experienced Light Mind team can aid in the rebuilding of a once-strong bond. At the other end of the spectrum, we can help to clarify and manage a realisation that a relationship cannot be reconstructed.

In marriage counselling scenarios – whatever the outcome – a wide range of issues can be involved. Communication skills might need to be learned, improved or modified. The separate and mutual goals and responsibilities that each individual has for and in their marriage might need to be clearly identified, reassessed or realigned. Key problems can be highlighted and solutions sought. Methods of conflict resolution can be learned and put in place.

The role and needs of others – such as children and close family members – can also be appraised. A troubled marriage can have lasting, even generational, effects. Outside factors, such as financial or workplace stresses, can also be given due relevance.

Our marriage counselling Melbourne-wide services can be of vital benefit at many key moments in a relationship – from even before your vows are first taken through to a troubled long-established partnership. With the latter, changes in circumstances and lifestyle can often put pressure on a once-solid bond.

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A marriage counsellor can work with a couple to bring a positive change into their damaged relationship. From the most romantic of times, to the most mundane moments of daily life, each can form a vital part of the complete relationship. Love, compassion and affection can reduce over time. Our aim is to help each couple build a future where each individual is fully recognised and invested in a secure relationship. We encourage couples to accept ownership of their part as it contributes to the whole.

What will your marriage counsellor, a member of our experienced Light Mind team, expect from you?

To gain maximum benefit, we expect that both parties are willing to fully engage in the counselling and be committed to the goals and processes involved.

This will need a commitment to listen and speak openly; and to take time to reflect on a partner’s views and feelings. Our marriage counsellor often uses both emotionally focused therapies; and the proven principles of the Gottman Institute. To find out more about this world-renowned approach please click here.

Our counsellors will not judge; our aim is to facilitate both openness and encourage progress. This is true across different cultural, historical, and behavioural experiences. We also appreciate that each couple will need their own timespan to gain maximum benefit.