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Online counselling is an option that some individuals prefer, finding that online appointments are a better fit with their lifestyle and work or other commitments.

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Others prefer to consult with us remotely through a personal preference or for specific reasons. Often, clients are simply happier in their own environment, especially when highly-personal issues are being discussed.

Light Mind Counselling is happy to deliver services in this way when we are confident that this can be truly effective for any individual client. If this is the case, we can then work through proven and easy-to-use encrypted channels to meet the confidentiality requirements, and provide the best online counselling environment.

Online or face-to-face, you can be confident that our team of experienced and culturally-sensitive counsellors, psychologists, and social workers are ready to offer a sensitive ear and deliver holistic outcomes.

Online counselling might be an option for a wide range of circumstances. These often include: body issues, weight loss or control, anger management, sleep deprivation, lack of self-esteem or confidence, or parenting issues. We also help clients deal with anxiety or grief issues, panic attacks, sexual or realtionship issues, habit-breaking (such as stopping smoking), phobais, addictions – and many other specific issues.

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Marriage counselling online appointments with a member of our Light Mind Counselling team offer an intimate way to provide holistic help when a relationship is floundering, troubled or increasingly awkward.

It is likely that many issues will contribute to the situation; which means that open and involved communication, especially when working remotely, is a vital ingredient of the process. Having an agreed path to follow, throughout a marriage counselling online session, is vital in ensuring that the best-possible outcomes are achieved.

What each party expects from the relationship will be discussed; and our extensively trained counsellor will offer an impartial presence. We will work to identify where change is needed and how such results can be achieved. Factors outside the core two-person relationship, such as work, children, relatives, interests, cultural differences, and others, can all be discussed. Each should find its proper place within the whole; and individuals helped to appreciate their role in supporting or enhancing the core relationship.

From the mundane to the magnificent – all aspects can be recognised for their vital contribution to a repaired, renewed or reinvigorated marriage. Each individual can appreciate the other, and know their role as the marriage moves forward.


Couples counselling online is a key service provided by our talented and experienced team here at Light Mind Counselling.

Using proven remote technology to ensure open communication and complete privacy, our experts can help assess the current state of a relationship – and where it needs to be to move forward.

A starting point, with couples counselling online, might involve understanding critical incidents and key moments – or be an analysis of a growing dissatisfaction as to the direction the relationship is taking. A range of factors and attitudes can also be highlighted. These may include incidents or events in the past of one party, or current work, personal, financial or other situations.

Because change is needed and a fresh pathway sought, our supportive counsellor will offer vital support and effective guidance where therapeutic actions are to be taken or emotion-focused therapy accessed.

Is it time to rebuild your marriage or reconnect your relationship?

The first step is always the hardest to take. But, here at Light Mind Counselling, we offer a gentle welcome. We are never judgemental, always empathetic; and we take time to build the vital rapport necessary when often painful issues or feelings will be part of the discussion. Get in touch today to see how we can help you via online counselling.

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