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A Gottman Couples Therapist, Melbourne-based, will use what is widely acclaimed as one of the most effective approaches to successful marriage guidance counselling in the world.

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Here at Light Mind Counselling, we have trained experts, ready to put this proven, research-based approach, right at the heart of many of our marriage guidance counselling strategies.

The process takes the time to conduct an in-depth assessment of the current status of a couple’s relationship. This Gottman Relationship Checkup was created, through almost four decades of practical experience, by Dr John and Dr Julie Gottman. It’s a way to better understand the strengths and challenges within any relationship. From this, specific therapeutic interventions can be used.

Key issues often addressed by such actions include the frequency of arguments and conflict; a lack of, or poor level of, communication; or becoming emotionally distant. Specific areas of concern ranging from infidelity to sexual difficulties; financial worries or parenting concerns, can also be addressed.

This has proved to be an extremely practical way to rebuild intimacy or happiness levels within a marriage or other relationship. It is based on detailed research and uses practical evidence; a process developed over those decades of experience.

Our Gottman Couples Therapist, Melbourne-wide availability, approach can also prove to be of great value where these problem areas have not yet proved to be a serious threat to a marriage or other relationship.

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Gottman Relationship Counselling makes mention of a famous engraving, created over five hundred years ago, by Albrecht Durer, called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This idea of a quartet of damaging horsemen has been skillfully adapted by the Doctors Gottman to emphasise four key relationship difficulties. The presence of these factors have been shown to be predictive of possible divorce in a marriage. The key areas are Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling and Contempt.

With this in mind, our Light Mind Counselling practitioners will use therapeutic interventions to help couples bring renewed strength to their marriage or relationship. Key areas to be worked through can include:

  • Building or rebuilding friendship
  • Creating shared meanings
  • Effective conflict management
  • Changing negative conflict scenarios into positive interactions
  • Adding depth to emotional connections
  • Increasingly closeness and intimacy
  • Building shared goals

Of course, each relationship will have their own specific areas for analysis and action. Our team appreciates this and will always take the time to gain a deep and personal understanding of your situation.

How can Gottman Relationship Counselling help you?

To take the first step towards mending or improving your marriage or relationship, simply contact our empathetic and experienced team now.