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PTSD treatment Melbourne patients trust, Light Mind Counselling understands that trauma looks different for everybody.

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For some, trauma comes and goes but to others, it can be a constant, unpleasant companion.

And when you feel intense horror and helplessness following a traumatic event, you may be dealing with something far more distressing: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a mental health concern that may develop following a shocking, even near-death experience. Being exposed to events like physical/sexual assault, car accidents and disasters can often leave you grappling with intrusive, debilitating memories that can negatively impact your daily activities, your work and relationships.

While PTSD can make you feel unsafe and alone, our PTSD treatment in Melbourne can bring back some sense to your overwhelmed mind and body. Using scientific, culture-sensitive approaches like EMDR therapy and hypnotherapy, LMC helps you attain much-needed stability, calm and healing that you desperately seek.

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PTSD Therapy Melbourne

The PTSD therapy Melbourne trauma patients trust to manage the intense emotions and reactions triggered by traumatic experiences.

Light Mind Counselling understands how psychological intervention is necessary to take post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) victims out of a state of shock, helplessness, and self-destruction. And the number of Australians wrestling with PTSD symptoms cannot be underestimated.

Nationwide, 1-2% of adults experience PTSD each passing year. Throughout their lifetime, the percentage of Australians who end up dealing with severe trauma goes as high as 12%. For most Australian patients, PTSD develops following their involvement with traumatic experiences that clearly put them and their loved ones in harm’s way. In Australia, the leading cause of PTSD are vehicular, family violence and other serious accidents.

PTSD is classified as a mental health issue that typically develops after a shocking event. However, the ones exhibiting symptoms aren’t limited to the individuals who directly got involved in horrible experiences because there are many cases where symptoms are observed from close family members or friends who overhear extremely disturbing details of such terrible circumstances.

People affected by this psychological disorder often feel anxious and deal with intrusive thoughts and memories that eventually interfere with their work and relationships. Seeking PTSD treatment in Melbourne can spell the difference between a lifetime of trauma and genuine healing for many Australians with PTSD. 

Therapy is undoubtedly needed to manage PTSD symptoms, especially in patients whose mental health has begun to take its toll on their personal life or careers. Psychological therapies that have proven helpful in treating extreme trauma include cognitive therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy and eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR). 

It’s not necessary to go into great detail about a traumatic event during EMDR therapy for PTSD. Instead, EMDR focuses on altering the feelings, ideas or actions that follow a traumatic encounter. This can be a particularly soothing treatment for those who struggle with recalling trauma word for word. Both sides of the brain are stimulated using bilateral stimulation to reprocess upsetting memories. For clients who are comfortable with discussing their trauma with our licensed therapists, we recommend mid to long term EMDR Therapy sessions to help them address negative thought patterns. 

EMDR and other similar PTSD treatments in Melbourne at Light Mind Counselling may provide relief for a wide range of life traumas, including depression, anxiety, nightmares, loss, divorce, bullying and abuse. We also offer couples counselling so our clients can have a second chance at healing and happiness.

Using a combination of the scientific approaches, Light Mind Counselling aims to create a safe environment for the PTSD victim. By creating such a mental space, we empower individuals to better manage distress and traumatic flashbacks. Not only that, but our PTSD therapy Melbourne sessions will also focus on building the person’s self-esteem.

By focusing on one’s strengths and goals, you can better shift intense reactions and find better, more constructive ways to keep PTSD symptoms at bay.


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EMDR is used to address mental health disorders brought on by recollections of traumatic experiences in the past. It is best known for its involvement in the management of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our experts recommend EMDR for anyone who does not want to explicitly recollect their trauma. For those who experience anxiety when talk therapy is introduced to them, EMDR can relieve them from their trauma without them having to dwell on painful memories for extended periods of time.