Relationships are tougher than we think. We here at Light Mind Counselling specialise in guiding couples through both the main and trivial complexities of relationships.

Located in Melbourne, our couple counselling services offer a compassionate and empowering space for you and your partner to safely explore and resolve the challenges you face, deepen your connection, and cultivate a lasting harmony.

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Relationships are complex. Relationships require effort from both parties. Complicated ecosystems that are influenced by many factors make up a relationship. These factors include commitment, communication styles, and past experiences.

Selecting the right couple counselling service acts as a signal that you are taking a step to commit to nurture your partnership and address obstacles that stand in the way of your shared happiness. Our experienced and dedicated therapists provide a supportive environment where you can explore vulnerabilities, build trust, and strategise to resolve your challenges together.

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At Light Mind Counselling, we believe in tailored and customised therapy as it wields an effective transformative power for partners. We provide couple counselling in Melbourne that are drawn from a diverse range of techniques and theories, including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, our team crafts personalised treatment plans to suit your unique needs and relationship goals. We adopt a collaborative approach and this ensures that a deep meaningful understanding is developed. In addition, effective communication and a sustainable change between you and your partner is created. This empowers and motivates you and your partner to thrive in your relationship.


Our couple counselling services in Melbourne focus on a wide spectrum of elements, including:

Communication dynamics

Improve your communication skills, learn how to express your needs effectively with each other, and build mutual understanding.

Building trust

Navigate trust issues in a healthy and mutually beneficial way, rebuild confidence, and foster a sense of security within your relationship.

Intimacy and connection

Explore emotional and physical intimacy, reignite passion, and strengthen your bond.

Conflict resolution

Plan and implement constructive conflict resolution strategies, change disagreements into opportunities for growth, and cultivate true respect for each other.

Pre-marital counselling

Prepare for marriage by exploring values, expectations, and potential challenges within a safe and supportive environment.

Infidelity recovery

Heal from betrayal, rebuild trust, and work towards rebuilding a stronger and more resilient relationship.

Parenting support

Parenting is one of the most joyous endeavours in life and we support you to overcome your parenting challenges, learn co-parenting dynamics, and maintain a united front as you raise your children together.

Life transitions

Explore major transitions and milestones effectively, including career changes, relocation, or empty nesting, and adapt as a couple to new phases of life.


Engaging in couple counselling can yield numerous benefits, including:

Deeper connections

Strengthen your relationship’s emotional intimacy, develop mutual trust, and cultivate a sense of long-lasting partnership and solidarity.

Increased resilience

Establish and continuously maintain resilience as a couple, navigate the challenges you face together, and emerge stronger and more united.

Enhanced well-being

Experience a higher level of fulfillment and achieve a better emotional and physical well-being in your relationship as well as individual lives.


Our team of qualified therapists at Light Mind Counselling is dedicated to support couples on their journey towards a healthier and happier relationship that will bring prosperity for both you and your partner. With extensive training and expertise in couples therapy, our therapists have provided compassionate and non-judgmental guidance tailored to the unique needs of you, your partner, and your relationship. We provide couple counselling in Melbourne and we are committed to empower you to create the relationship you desire.


Are you ready to invest in your relationship and embark on a journey of growth and healing? Take the first step towards a brighter future by scheduling an initial consultation with one of our experienced therapists.

Our team includes experienced couple counselling professionals in Melbourne. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship.

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