Couples counselling, Melbourne clients have found, is a key process in the sustaining of healthy and positive relationships.

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Challenges and bumpy roads are inevitable

The need might arise from one or more critical incidents, or be caused by a growing dissatisfaction. Problems can arise from many sources, including depression, anxiety, and psychological factors.

Life events, such as starting a family, changing a job, or moving home away from family ties, and suspected or actual infidelity, are among many moments which can shake the stability of a relationship. 

Many other factors can also be contributors. These might include historical situations, tied to an individual’s upbringing, such as the breakdown of their parents’ marriage. Other work or personal situations can be stressful, especially in uncertain times.

Changes to attitudes, behaviour patterns, or habits can also signal a potential need for couples counselling. 

At such moments, it pays to reach out to our experienced team at Light Mind Counselling. We know that taking such a step can be both challenging and anxiety-inducing. When powerful support is needed; when a relationship is beset with a range of issues; many people turn to couples counselling.

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You don’t have to give up just yet

At Light Mind Counselling, we provide couples counselling in Melbourne that is customised to address your unique needs and challenges. This is not about finding fault or placing blame; instead, it’s about understanding and empathy. 

We delve into the core issues, shedding light on the hidden corners of your relationship and bringing them into the open for resolution.

Melbourne-based, in Maribyrnong, our Light Mind Counselling team are non-judgemental and supportive professionals. We are especially sensitive to cultural norms, and intercultural issues. 

We use proven therapeutic actions to deal with the distress and even conflict which can see couples, keen to save or build a relationship, contact us at such a pivotal moment.

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Work with the best provider of couples therapy in Melbourne

When you work with our couples counsellor, you’ll be benefiting from their wide experience and thorough training. We adopt a holistic approach, practice emotion-focused therapy, and proven trauma-informed care techniques. Our team is also fully-trained in Gottman therapy.

Couple counselling therapists in our Light Mind Counselling team is used to dealing with couples covering all backgrounds and age ranges. We also act proceed as couples counsellors for both long-term and more recently-formed relationships.

Working with you, we help find more effective ways to prevent or manage arguments, deal with negative feelings, communicate openly, problem solve, and regain intimacy. We also provide a pathway where the rebuilding of trust is at the heart of the situation. 

We aim to help alleviate the mental anguish, or increasing feeling of loneliness, when a once-solid bond has been fractured.

Couples counselling is a rebuilding and reconnection process, bringing a positive energy back to every aspect of a relationship which has lost its way. We provide a couple with effective strategies and proven tools to help them commit to rebuilding and restoring a more fulfilling partnership.

It’s known that a healthy relationship is key to a happier, more settled, and fitter lifestyle. Facing the challenge of mending a fracturing relationship is a positive — and often brave — action to take.

Choose to heal with our couples counselling services 

Walk the path towards transforming your relationship today. If you’re looking for couples therapy in Melbourne, Light Mind Counselling will make sure you’re met with a compassionate, understanding, and tailored approach to healing.

Don’t wait for the challenges to escalate; secure the future of your relationship now. Book your session with our experienced couples counselling team and start your journey towards a stronger, more understanding and fulfilling partnership. Reach out to us — we’re here for you every step of the way.


Couples therapy can offer multiple benefits. It can enhance your understanding of each other, facilitate better communication, and help resolve recurrent conflicts. By attending therapy sessions, you and your partner may gain new perspectives about each other and your relationship, leading to a healthier, stronger bond.

Absolutely. At Light Mind Counselling, we maintain a strict code of confidentiality. All discussions that take place during your therapy sessions are private and confidential.

The duration of couples therapy varies depending on the unique dynamics and needs of each couple. While some might find resolution in a few sessions, others might opt for ongoing therapy to continuously strengthen their relationship.