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Welcome to Light Mind Counselling and Psychology.

At Light Mind, we believe in the power of transformation and resilience. Welcome to a space where healing is not just a goal; it’s a journey we embark on together. Our practice is more than a collection of services; it’s a sanctuary crafted for your well-being. Here, each step is a step towards self-discovery, growth, and the brighter future you envision. Let us guide you through the intricacies of your unique journey, where empathy meets expertise and every individual story finds its voice. Welcome to Light Mind Counselling & Psychology—where your transformative path begins.

Our Services

Holistic Support for Your Well-Being

At Light Mind Counselling & Psychology, we understand that every individual and relationship is unique. Our specialised services are crafted to provide comprehensive support for a range of needs, including:

Trauma Counselling with EMDR

Embark on a transformative healing journey with our trauma counselling services, incorporating Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). Our empathetic counsellors provide a secure space, guiding individuals through a comprehensive process to overcome the impact of traumatic experiences.

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Autism Counselling

Tailored specifically for children, our autism counselling is designed to nurture growth and development. Our experienced counsellors work collaboratively with both the child and their family to provide understanding, tools, and strategies for positive development.

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Mediation Services

Navigate conflicts and disputes with grace through our mediation services. Our skilled mediators facilitate open and constructive communication, empowering parties to find mutually agreeable resolutions and fostering a path toward harmony.

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PTSD Treatment with EMDR

Receive personalised and targeted treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) utilising EMDR therapy. Our specialised approach guides individuals through a comprehensive healing process, promoting resilience and empowerment.

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Marriage Counselling

Strengthen the foundation of your relationship with our dedicated marriage counseling. Our experienced therapists provide personalised insights and tools, fostering communication, understanding, and a deeper connection between partners.

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Divorce Counselling

Ease the complexities of separation with compassionate divorce counselling. Our support extends beyond emotional guidance, offering practical strategies to navigate the challenges of divorce and transition into a new chapter.

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Family Therapy

Foster harmonious family dynamics through our collaborative family therapy sessions. Our therapists work with families to address challenges, improve communication, and strengthen bonds, creating a supportive environment for growth.

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Couples Counselling

Enhance communication, understanding, and emotional intimacy with our couples counselling. Tailored to the unique dynamics of each relationship, our sessions contribute to a healthier, more fulfilling partnership.

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Each service at Light Mind is intricately designed to provide not only professional guidance but also a warm, supportive environment. Our goal is to contribute to your holistic well-being, fostering resilience, growth, and enduring positive change.

How Counselling Creates Positive Change

Life is filled with uncertainties, and counselling is here to be your steadfast companion. Picture it as turning on a light in a dim room, bringing clarity to your inner world. Whether you’re navigating changes, managing stress, or seeking a supportive confidant, counselling is a guiding force through these challenges. It’s a journey of self-discovery, providing coping mechanisms, and fostering balance for a more resilient version of yourself. With counselling, it’s not just about having a listening ear; it’s about gaining a toolkit for effective communication, building improved relationships, and cultivating a deeper understanding of your strengths. Empower yourself to confront life’s intricacies with resilience and a positive mindset.

Our Approach: Tailored to You

Methodologies: Our counsellors customise evidence-based practices, including cognitive-behavioural techniques, mindfulness, and expressive therapies, aligning with your preferences and therapeutic goals.

Guiding Values: Light Mind’s approach centres on foundational values—trust, confidentiality, and respect. We create a safe and private space, honouring the unique narratives of individuals, couples, and families.

What Sets Light Mind Apart:We stand out by focusing on holistic well-being, nurturing resilience, fostering personal growth, and empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with confidence. Our collaborative approach ensures your active participation, cultivating a path towards lasting transformation.

In every session, we aim not just to provide counselling but to illuminate your unique path to wellness. Light Mind is where empathy meets expertise—an alliance as unique as you are.

About Us: Your Partners in Well-Being

Step into the world of Light Mind Counselling & Psychology, where we’re more than counsellors—we’re your dedicated partners in the journey to resilience and growth. Our team, comprising seasoned counsellors and skilled psychologists, is committed to curating a supportive space where trust, empathy, and personal development thrive. Your well-being isn’t just a commitment; it’s the heartbeat of our practice. Meet the faces, explore the stories, and embrace the values that define Light Mind. Let us be your guides as you navigate towards a life of fulfilment and mental well-being.

Why Choose Light Mind?

At Light Mind Counselling & Psychology, we go beyond conventional counselling—we craft an experience uniquely tailored to your well-being. What sets us apart is a fusion of expertise, empathy, and a commitment to your journey.

Unmatched Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned counsellors and skilled psychologists, each bringing a wealth of experience to guide you through life’s challenges. With a diverse range of specialties, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs.

Compassionate Empathy: In every session, you’ll find more than professional guidance; you’ll discover a space where empathy thrives. We understand that your journey is personal, and we’re here to listen, support, and foster an environment where you can navigate challenges with confidence.

Holistic Approach: Light Mind is not just a counselling service; it’s a holistic well-being experience. We believe in addressing the root of challenges, nurturing resilience, and empowering you to achieve personal growth. Our collaborative approach ensures your active involvement in your transformative journey.

Values That Define Us: At Light Mind Counselling & Psychology, trust, confidentiality, and respect are not mere principles; they form the bedrock of our practice. We are dedicated to establishing a sanctuary—a safe and secure space where your journey is met with understanding, allowing you to explore, heal, and grow with confidence.

Choose Light Mind for personalised well-being. Our commitment guides your path to fulfilment, resilience, and mental wellness—a difference where expertise meets empathy, making your journey our shared commitment.

Shared Stories of Hope

Warwick Brookes
Excellect. Highly recommend.
Excellent professional support. I highly recommend this clinic. My psychiatrist referred me to Light Mind Counselling. I have gone through years of psychotherapy, and every effort ends up with frustration. I gave up my hopes and sought support from medication. After I started working with Harshani, I felt like I had met a person who could connect with me, and it was great. In the beginning, I was sceptical of EMDR therapy. I went with severe anxiety, CPTSD and phobias. But here I am now. Driving my car every day to work without any fear and with lots of self-compassion. Never felt this way in my life. Thank you Harshani. God sent you to me.
Saman Gunawardhana
Harshani is an excellent councillor. She brought positive change to my life. I am so grateful to her and highly recommended her service . I have been able to get back my life within a short period of attending sessions . She is very kind,caring and calm person . Thank you Harshani . Great job. Krishantha and Enoka
After Covid isolation I was having a very hard time adjusting to world outside and finally decided on getting professional help and I am so happy with my experience. Harshani was super friendly and very easy to talk to. The EMDR therapy especially helped me a lot throughout my healing journey. Through our sessions I have learnt tools to deal with my anxiety and grow as a person and I am forever thankful for that.
Channa Dias
Very professional and helpful counselling service. Harshini was able to help us to understand our past and to build a successful life path. I learned a lot about myself and my past traumas effecting present and how to remediate them. Highly recommend.
Harshani was brilliant from the moment I walked in, from my first session Harshani made it my journey and provided technics and skills to help combat my past. I don’t know if I would be in the place I am today if it wasn’t for her, everyone of my friends and family have seen the difference and I owe it all to her and the journey we went through. Harshani never placed blame or tried to push for more information she let you walk through it at your own pace and was flexible in the way we met up either face to face or virtual
Jose Bavachan
Harshani is great at what she does . I spoke with her for a period of over six months where she counselled me on multiple personal and work related issues. I would recommend her to everyone but especially to new immigrants trying to adapt to the new ways of life. She is warm in her approach, a keen listener and makes you feel comfortable like you were speaking with a friend.
Fallon La Brooy
Incredible support and very professional. Can't thank Harshani enough!
Anna T
Harshani was professional at all times, yet created a safe environment allowing me to be vulnerable. She was able to make me recognise when I denied events/behaviours. She provided me with coping strategies and exercises. I am truly grateful to have been assigned Harshani. My life would not be where it is today, without her guiding hand.
Lester Rajapakse
Harshini is an excellent counsellor who exudes warmth and displays a great deal of compassion and insightfulness during her sessions. Highly recommended
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