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If you’re among the unfortunate ones dealing with trauma daily, you know all too well how it virtually keeps you from functioning normally.

Thankfully, light awaits at the end of the tunnel as hypnotherapy has shown a lot of promise in treating trauma symptoms. As a matter of fact, several studies have shown how a combination of guided imagery, relaxation, and hypnotic suggestions have helped therapists shift their patient’s feelings and beliefs so they can better manage the symptoms related to trauma.

Light Mind Counseling seeks to help you process feelings connected to traumatising events in your life. Our evidence-based culture-sensitive approach to trauma therapy is designed to empower you with tools and strategies to overcome that gnawing feeling that comes whenever trauma comes bubbling to the surface.

Book an appointment today and we’ll shift your energy and mindset so you can pursue a life that isn’t impeded by traumatic memories.

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Trauma Therapist Melbourne

A licensed trauma therapist Melbourne clients trust, Light Mind Counselling knows how trauma goes beyond distressing symptoms.

Emotions and memories stemming from adverse, traumatic events can often turn into debilitating mental health disorders. This is why we’re convinced that trauma responses shouldn’t be underestimated.

Statistics show that nearly 70% of adults will experience a traumatic event at various points in their lives. While many can cope with these experiences just fine, 20% of them will go on to develop trauma-related disorders that can eventually get in the way of the individual living a normal life. Sadly, it remains unclear how and why people react to traumatic memories differently. It is believed that a number of factors (e.g. temperament, genetics, and exposure) all play a role in this regard.

As scary as all these may sound, there is hope for trauma victims.

At the present, many types of therapy have come forward to offer help to anyone dealing with crippling trauma. Among those, one promising treatment comes in the form of hypnotherapy. Several studies have shown how this approach effectively helps individuals process feelings connected to trauma and diminish them to the extent that they have little to no impact on the victim’s daily function.

With hypnotherapy, a trauma therapist explores the different states of consciousness that play a role in your everyday life. But instead of just limiting the treatment to the conscious mind, he or she accesses one’s state of mind that focuses on personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is how Light Mind Counselling uncovers habits, skills, and past learnings that trauma victims don’t talk about as much.

By digging deeper, a trauma therapist like LMC helps you connect the dots and understand why you think and react to psychological wounds the way you do. As you come to identify the truths distorted by traumatic experiences, you can come to correct misguided beliefs that have given you a heavy mental burden all along.

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