Couples counselling, North Melbourne residents appreciate, is a proven route towards the addition or restoration of healthy behaviours to a struggling relationship.

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There are usually a wide range of factors present when such a relationship is not in the place it should be.

These can be both physical and emotional; and can come from both within the partnership or from outside sources. Not dealt with, these are likely to simply add more stress to a relationship. This soon moves it even further away from the place where both parties would truly like to be.

Our team at Light Mind Counselling are extensively-trained and highly-experienced professionals, and are experts in couples counselling. North Melbourne couples already make use of this expertise. We appreciate that a key factor when choosing us is our non-judgemental and culturally-sensitive attitudes. Working with our clients, we take time to understand the current stresses and strains, and the underlying reasons where these exist. This then allows us to consider the most effective strategies and actions to allow the necessary changes to be made.


A marriage counsellor, North Melbourne residents well know, can provide key opportunities to clearly focus on the main stresses and strains which have moved a relationship from its original path.

Displaying non-judgemental attitudes, and seeking a holistic approach, the first key is to take the necessary time to carefully consider the current standing of a relationship. To achieve this, our experts make use of the proven approach pioneered, more than three decades ago, by the Gottman Institute, based in Seattle.

Understanding key strengths and appreciating areas of disagreement or conflict is a vital part of the process. Internal factors, which can be physical or mental, provide part of the picture. Added to this can be any areas from outside the core marriage bond. These can obviously include the bringing-up of children, interventions by other family members, work relationships, financial and health matters – and many other areas.

With a full understanding of all factors, our marriage counsellor, working with North Melbourne couples, can help improve communication skills, agree and clearly optimise goals and responsibilities. Therapeutic processes for handling disagreement can be provided; allowing partners to rebuild or heighten empathy, compassion, and open communication within their relationship.

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