Couples counselling, Glen Waverley people already appreciate, is a proven way to rekindle a spark in a long-term relationship, or to find a path for a more recent bond which isn’t taking the way that both partners want it to.

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Here at Light Mind Counselling, our talented and experienced team fully appreciate the concerns often felt about taking such a step.

This is why we take time to gain a deep insight into the current situation. The chance to carefully analyse problem areas is fully explored before we offer any holistic advice and therapeutic strategies to start the mending or healing process.

Our experts are always non-judgemental, even-handed, and culturally aware, throughout the process of couples counselling. Glen Waverley residents appreciate such a vital service being locally-based and easily accessible. We know it takes courage to fully engage with a counselling process; which is why we work so hard to build a genuine rapport with each of our clients.


Working with a marriage counsellor, Glen Waverley couples will appreciate, offers the chance of an impartial and professional insight into what is often a fraught and emotional scenario.

Frankly discussing the key stresses and strains within a marriage, plus assessing a wide range of possible outside factors which also enter the equation, requires skilled actions. This is a key reason why, here at Light Mind Counselling, we make extensive use of the principles and practices crafted using over thirty years of experience by the world-famous Gottman Institute in Seattle USA.

Their processes and practices are both research and evidence-based. This is why we take all the time needed to fully understand areas of argument, disagreement or discord.

Where appropriate, the place of children or other family members is also considered – as are a range of outside personal, work, financial and other factors. Both the physical and the mental pressures are analysed.

Only then do our marriage counsellors, Glen Waverley couples appreciate, move on to consider the holistic and therapeutic behaviours and actions which can repair, refocus and re-energise the marriage relationship. This allows participants to fully buy into the changes and commit to making them work and move forward together.

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