The chance to discuss and analyse their situation with sympathetic and experienced counsellors is a choice made by many.

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Couples counselling, Footscray partners know, is often a lifeline to be grasped when their relationship encounters a rocky or divisive period.

When contacting our empathetic and highly-trained professional team, the inclusive and holistic attitude which greets couples is welcomed. With an aim to restore the positivity and health of a relationship, we take the time to fully investigate the wide range of emotions, activities and actions which have led to the current worrying state of a once-sound partnership.

This is the basis of our couples counselling. Footscray residents are pleased that professional help is close at hand through Light Mind Counselling. Our team does not make arbitrary judgements; is culturally-sensitive at its heart, and seeks to provide the strategies and actions which couples can use to heal the fracture in their relationship.

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A marriage counsellor, Footscray residents appreciate, can focus on both the current scenario within a marriage – and where the individuals wish it to be.

Working with one of our sensitive professionals, time is taken to assess the current situation in a frank, fact-based, and even-handed way. We often use the principles, accepted around the globe, of the famous Gottman Institute. This is thoroughly research based, allowing a detailed assessment to be made before future paths can then be offered and steps decided.

Both key strengths and the range of challenges to be faced will be clearly identified. Our team encourages both parties in the marriage to become completely engaged in this detailed process.

The development of clear listening and communication skills will be encouraged.

Factors, both within the marriage, such as bringing-up children, and bearing down on it from outside, can be identified and assessed. This might include other familial, work or personal relationships; financial matters and many other areas. Each marriage will have a unique combination of such elements.

From this process, key responsibilities can be accepted, future goals agreed, and methods for handling disagreement be introduced. Working with a marriage counsellor, Footscray couples can find a way to rebuild and strengthen their relationship.

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