When issues affect the stability of such a relationship, this can result, in some cases, to other physical or mental health difficulties. This can then lead to increased anxiety, even depression, and other psychological concerns.

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Couples counselling, Essendon residents appreciate, is a proven step towards improving or recalibrating a relationship.

Our Light Mind Counselling team appreciates that, over time, a range of varied factors usually contribute to the breakdown of a once-strong relationship. This can vary from the historical, perhaps involving a family history of problems, to the work, family, financial or other pressures of everyday life – especially when times are uncertain. Changing life aspirations, hopes or concerns over the future, are other possibilities when considering the stresses upon a relationship.

Recognising and analysing these factors can be the starting point for effective couples counselling. Essendon residents have already turned to the experienced professionals, here at Light Mind Counselling, for the support and strategies needed to amend and strengthen their relationship.

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Marriage counselling for Essendon couples is delivered with cultural sensitivity, clear empathy, and is geared towards a holistic and sympathetic approach.

This often involves effective use of the world-leading approach to marriage counselling provided by the acclaimed Gottman Institute in Seattle. For more than three decades their evidence-based approach has offered a practical pathway towards the building of happiness and gaining of intimacy within a married relationship.

They understand that a range of key factors, such as criticism and defensiveness, can lead relationships along a difficult path, often into conflict and perhaps infidelity. Encouraging couples to reflect on their feelings, and understand the emotional needs of their partners, helps to build or rebuild key connections, and strengthen the marriage

Of course, each relationship is unique; our highly-experienced team helps couples to discover the best approach and the carefully tailored therapy interventions which can best deliver the outcomes sought in their specific situation.

To take the first step towards a better future, Light Mind marriage counselling for Essendon residents is close at hand. Simply contact us now, to take that vital first step.