At Light Mind Counselling & Psychology, we are recognised leaders in Couples Therapy and EMDR Counselling in St Albans, offering tailored support to nurture relationships and tackle underlying concerns. Our EMDR therapy services provide effective relief from trauma and anxiety, guiding individuals towards healing and resilience.

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Couples counselling, St Albans life partners understand, can offer an opportunity to face up to difficulties which can lead a relationship away from its original path.

This can be the case with long-term relationships, or with more recently established ones.

Working with our highly trained team, experienced in relationship counselling across wide age ranges and social backgrounds, a chance can be grasped to carefully analyse the key problem areas, and look for actions to take and strategies to follow in a holistic mending process.

Many factors can combine to place a relationship under gradual, or even sudden, strain. We help provide strategies to counter negativity, solve problems, improve communications and help to regain lost intimacy through empathetic couples counselling. St Albans residents are among many throughout Melbourne who already appreciate the help that such therapy can provide. They are glad they took that vital first step, in contacting our Light Mind Counselling team.

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A marriage counsellor, St Albans couples appreciate, offers a professional insight into an emotional situation.

Taking the chance to assess and discuss the current state of their marriage is a first step to increasing, or regaining, the intimacy and respect both parties are keen to enjoy. Our Light Mind Counselling team are experienced in the use of the proven principles of the world-famous Gottman Institute, based in Seattle, who are widely recognised and highly praised for their research and evidence rich approach.

A detailed assessment is an effective starting point for our marriage counsellor. St Albans couples can take time to reflect on, and validate, their feelings. Other specific points of disagreement or even conflict which are bearing down upon their relationship can be assessed. The effect of others, children of course if a part of the marriage, family members, and outsiders, can also be considered. Factors causing strain might also be finance, work or health based.

With each marriage unique, our counsellors know that an individually-tailored approach to resolution is vital. Understanding the actions and behaviours needed to take their relationship to where they wish it to be is vital. In this way, couples are offered the chance they crave to mend the fracture and move forward together.


EMDR COUNSELLING GEELONG In addition to our couples and marriage counselling services, we specialise in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy. EMDR is a valuable tool for addressing trauma, anxiety, and various mental health challenges. Our certified EMDR therapists are skilled in guiding individuals through memory reprocessing and developing healthier coping mechanisms. Whether you’re dealing with past trauma or managing anxiety, EMDR counselling provides the support and tools for your journey towards healing and well-being. Read more about EMDR therapy here.

Discover the tools for positive change with Light Mind Counselling & Psychology’s empowering counselling services. From strengthening bonds in relationships to addressing underlying trauma with EMDR therapy, our experienced therapists offer personalized support to help you thrive. Take the first step towards a happier, healthier you by contacting us today.

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