Light Mind Counselling & Psychology is a leading expert in Couples Counselling and EMDR Treatment in Niddrie, delivering personalised assistance to fortify relationships and address underlying issues. Our EMDR therapy services offer effective relief from trauma and anxiety, facilitating healing and resilience.

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Couples counselling, Niddrie residents know, is a proven way to help deal with the difficulties that any relationship might face.

This holds true for both long-established partnerships and those still quite newly-formed.

There are a wide range of reasons why gradual or sudden stress can be felt within a relationship. Failing to recognise, or deal with, such factors can simply widen the breach. Both parties can then find themselves moving further away from the point where they really wish to be.

This is a moment to take the opportunity to make effective use of the empathic services of one of our highly-trained and widely-experienced team who deliver couples counselling. Niddrie couples appreciate our professionalism; offering them a vital opportunity to look at the key areas of difficulty within their relationship. This is the first stage towards putting in place a holistic mending process; strengthening their bond as they move into the future together.

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A marriage counsellor, Niddrie couples appreciate, can bring wide professional expertise to bear on the effective identification and management of any areas of difficulty or dispute within a marriage.

Here at Light Mind Counselling, we make wide use of the strategies developed over more than thirty years by the Gottman Institute. Acclaimed internationally, this evidence and research based approach provides a superb framework within which each unique relationship can find a place.

Key areas will be analysed. These can include the level of communication, the understanding of key feelings, specific areas of disagreement or dispute, and a wide range of other factors from outside the core partnership can also be considered.

Our team are both empathetic and culturally-aware; and appreciate that the path forward for any couple is unique to them. Connections can be rebuilt or strengthened, emotional contexts appreciated by both parties.

Gaining an in-depth understanding of the behaviours and actions necessary to move their relationship from its current difficulties is vital. Our experts can deliver proven therapeutic interventions to help with open communication, the appreciation of the other’s feelings, and ways to support each other along the path to where they want their marriage to be.


In addition to our couples and marriage counselling services, we offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy. EMDR is a proven approach for addressing trauma, anxiety, and various mental health issues. Our certified EMDR therapists specialise in guiding individuals through memory reprocessing and developing healthier coping strategies. Whether you’re confronting past trauma or managing anxiety, EMDR counselling equips you with the support and tools for healing and empowerment.

Find hope and healing through the comprehensive counselling services tailored to meet your unique needs, offered by Light Mind Counselling & Psychology. With a focus on couples, marriages, and individual therapy, our compassionate therapists offer guidance and support every step of the way. Begin your journey towards a happier, healthier life today.

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