At Light Mind Counselling & Psychology, we are premier providers of Marriage Guidance and EMDR Therapy in Mount Waverley, offering tailored support to strengthen bonds and address underlying issues. Our EMDR therapy services offer effective relief from trauma and anxiety, guiding individuals towards healing and growth.

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Couples counselling, Mount Waverley residents know, is a well-established and effective way in which to refocus or repair a relationship that is not as they would want it to be.

Accepting that such professional help is necessary is a powerful first step to take. This is true with a long-term partnership, as well as those formed comparatively recently.

A starting point, with the professional help of one of our experienced Light Mind Counselling team, is to non-judgmentally consider the range of both internal and external factors which have found the relationship in its present place. These can be historical, perhaps relating to how an individual was brought up, or areas which only recently have come to the fore.

Are you ready to consider couples counselling? Mount Waverley residents appreciate that totally non-judgemental and thoroughly culturally-sensitive help can find a way to deliver the holistic and therapeutic actions that help them plan a powerful and positive way forward.


Our marriage counsellor, Mount Waverley couples already appreciate, can work with them to create a clear and non-judgemental focus on the current place where their marriage relationship finds itself.

Such a starting point owes much to our use of the work of the world-renowned Gottman Institute, based in the US at Seattle. Over three decades and more, they have created an evidence and research based philosophy when dealing with the difficulties a marriage may face.

Discovering all the factors contributing to the marital problems is the clear starting point. This takes time to look at internal stresses, emotions and feelings.

It also goes beyond these confines to highlight other factors, be they familial, work, health, financial or other areas which are all part of the complete scenario.

Through all this our marriage counsellor, Mount Waverley clients already know, will offer a non-judgemental focus. With the assessment complete, together the couple and our Light Mind Counselling expert can consider holistic and therapeutic steps to put in place. Communication can be improved, ways to deal with disagreement or conflict appreciated, and together the couple can fully commit to the actions and behaviours that can move their marriage forward in ways that both fully appreciate.


Complementing our couples and marriage counselling offerings, we specialise in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy. EMDR is renowned for its effectiveness in addressing trauma, anxiety, and diverse mental health challenges. Our certified EMDR therapists are skilled in guiding individuals through memory reprocessing and cultivating healthier coping mechanisms. Whether you’re navigating past trauma or seeking relief from anxiety, EMDR counselling provides the support and resources you need for personal growth and well-being. Read more about EMDR therapy here.

Empower yourself to overcome life’s obstacles with the holistic counselling services provided by Light Mind Counselling & Psychology. From enhancing communication in relationships to addressing past traumas through EMDR therapy, our dedicated team is here to support your journey towards healing and growth. Take the first step towards a brighter future by contacting us now.

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